Lehigh Christian Academy strives to provide a quality Christ-centered education that meets the needs of the whole child – spiritual, academic, physical, social, and developmental even in the midst of the pandemic. The board, administration, and staff feel that we can continue to provide in-school instruction for this second year of the pandemic.

This fall we will continue to implement procedures, as much as humanly possible, to guard our students, families, and staff physically. Our plan includes steps for remote-learning should that be needed for quarantined staff and/or students. This plan will be reviewed regularly for unforeseen situations with this ever-changing virus. It is our prayer that you, parents, will partner with us to protect our community and our school. God has faithfully brought us through this far and has not changed. We are charged with maintaining the unity of Christ during this 2021-2022 school year. It is our prayer that God will continue to be praised as move through this year. To Him be the glory!


  • Please continue to screen your children and family prior to coming into the building.
  • We ask that if you or your child has a fever or any symptom, please stay at home.
  • If your child has been flagged as having a fever, we will contact you to come and get your child. Please make sure you are available or have an approved adult to take your child home.
  • Students/Staff who have the following multiple symptoms within 14 days should not enter the building.
  • Fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, runny nose, cough,
    beyond what you normally experience, shortness of breath, headache beyond what you normally experience, loss of taste or smell, diaherra, and/or vomiting


  • Daily cleaning by the custodial staff of the entire building.
  • Teachers will clean classrooms throughout the day and classroom items as needed while limiting communal items until sanitized.
  • Gym and playground equipment/toys will be rotated and cleaned.


  • Students will routinely hand wash and/or sanitize.
  • Teachers will instruct students on effective hygiene practices (ie sneezing/coughing into the elbow.)
  • Touchless hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the school.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in classrooms without sinks.
  • Students need to bring a filled water bottle daily to limit the use of the water fountains.
  • Water stations will be utilized in classrooms without sinks until further notice.


  • We will distance ourselves as much as possible. Due to a larger school population, we cannot distance the 3’ – 6’ in every situation.
  • Students in grades 1-12th will be eating lunch together in the lunchroom. We will continue to try to distance during that time.
  • Prepackaged food will be available for a nominal fee to those students who forget lunch (ie crackers).
  • Full-day PreK and Kindergarten will be spaced for napping as per early childhood guidelines.


  • Masks for students are optional at this time.
  • Staff will wear face shields/masks in the building when children are present until further notice.
  • Staff will honor parents’ requests for their child to wear masks throughout the day. Please let administration know if you would like to have your child wear a mask during the day.
  • If data arises that masking of the children becomes necessary within the building, parents who wish to continue to have their children remain unmasked must contact administration by email at that time.
  • Please be sensitive and encouraging to personal preferences in wearing masks.
  • Please refer to your district for mask guidelines on buses.

Remote Learning

  • Google Suite and Apps will be utilized for in-school and remote learning scenarios.
  • Google Meet will be used to access streaming into the classroom from home.
    • PreK – 5th Grade students’ parents will be given access to their child’s Google Suite, and Google classroom will be used for each subject area and special class for announcements and work. The Google Meet will be linked to that classroom for each subject. (ie 1st grade reading, 1st grade math)
    • 6th – 12th grade students will be given access through students’ email
      accounts (as usual) per each assigned class.
  • Students will be following the classroom schedule during remote learning; attendance will be taken; assessments will be given in all classes and graded as per the classroom rubrics.
  • Excuse notes are required if a student is sick during the remote learning scenario. Please communicate frequently with your child’s teacher during this time. Make up work for sick students is the same as per our policy. (For example, if a student is absent for two days, the child has two days to complete work.)
  • Quarantine staff will be able to teach remotely via Google Meet to the students in the classroom if needed with another staff member present in the classroom.
  • In case of the closure of school, students will follow the classroom and rotating day schedule as established.
  • School-wide communication, forms, and grades will still be through RenWeb.
  • Live-streaming, due to COVID-related quarantining requests, must be submitted to Mrs. Laura Martina, Principal, at least one school day in advance. Students should utilize Google Classroom prior to administrative approval. Streaming into the classroom will start the next school day after permission is granted. (Other 2021-2022 School Year live-streaming requests will be subject to approval by administrations. ie trips and homebound medical situations)
  • Attendance will be monitored for each part of the day in which the students will be attending. It is vital to communicate as much as possible during this time.

Procedure for COVID Exposure

  • Please follow the CDC recommended quarantine guidelines.
    • Vaccinated individuals do not need to quarantine unless symptoms
      appear. These individuals should get tested 3-5 days after exposure and should wear a mask in public until negative test results are received.
    • Unvaccinated individuals should quarantine for 14 days after exposure. However, individuals can shorten the quarantine period after 10 days without testing if they have no symptoms. Individuals can quarantine for 7 days if no symptoms and a negative test result is received on day 5 or later.
  • Please report to the school any positive cases in order to take the necessary precautions.
  • Students/Staff/Volunteers who have been in contact with a confirmed or probable (symptomatic, but not tested, or awaiting results) COVID-19 individual should not attend school for the recommended quarantine period.
  • Siblings and family members of the above scenarios should not attend school until a negative test result or cleared by the doctor.
  • Please refer to Exposure Procedures on tracing and communication to the community.

Procedure for sick students with fever and/or fever with cough

  • Please monitor your child’s temperature and symptoms before sending them to school.
  • Please keep your child at home if your child has any symptoms.
    • Return to school: fever-free for 24-hours without fever-reducing aid (as per original policy)
    • Doctor’s note is required after 3 consecutive days (as per original policy.)
  • A parental excuse note for 1-2 days must include reason for absence.
  • If screened and fever is present during school hours, students will be masked and asked to sit in a monitored area to await parent pick up (as per original policy.)
  • A student will be able to return to school either after the recommended quarantine period or doctor’s note.

Miscellaneous Procedures

  • Dismissal Locations (traffic patterns will be the same as usual – proceed to the left of the building and continue to your child’s location for pick up.)
    • Bus dismissal students will be in the activity center and dismiss through Door 2. (Please see your home district’s policy for COVID-19 procedures.)
    • PreK and Kindergarten -Please park in the small parking lot by Door 8. Parents come to the door to pick up. Please have your Dismissal Card to show to the staff member at the door.
    • 1st to 5th Grade students will be picked up outside in the main parking lot. Dismissal Cards must be displayed in the front window, and a staff member will walk your child to your car.
    • Middle School and High School students will be picked up in the Activity Center lot, and the students will be walking out by the church offices, Door 4A.
  • Signing out policy and in case of forgotten Dismissal Card:
    • Please park in LCA’s main lot. A staff member will be outside the office doors and have your child sent up. (Staff will be outside starting at 3:10 PM. Please do not block the roadway.)
  • Please make sure our staff knows of transportation changes before 2:45 PM as per original policy.