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Volunteer Clearances

For the safety of our students, faculty, and staff you will need to complete the clearances identified on this page if you plan to volunteer/visit* at LCA in any capacity.

*Visit - attend classroom parties, field trips, chapel, events during school hours, etc.

Once you have completed and then received the returned clearance certifications, please submit a copy of each to the LCA office so that we can keep them on file for our records.  


EACH volunteer will need a total of 3 clearances on file before being able to volunteer/visit* at LCA; they are as follows: 

1. PA State Police Criminal Record Check
2. PA Child Abuse History Clearance
3. FBI
     Affidavit - All who have LIVED IN the state of PA for the past 10 years. 
     Fingerprinting - All who have lived OUTSIDE of PA within the past 10 years. 


The links to each online clearance, or paper form to be printed,
are underlined below. 

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check 

Once you have completed the "New Record Check," you will need to click on the "Control Number" which will begin with the letter "R," then you will need to print the "Record Check Certification" and bring to the school office (you should receive this instantly upon completion). Please note you will only have access to the "Record Check Certification" one time, therefore you will need to print it as you are viewing the document. 

Direct Links:
"New Record Check"


PA Child Abuse History Clearance
 You will first need to "Create Individual Account," go through the process of creating a username and password, and then you will need to login after that is done. Once you are able to officially log-in (as an individual) and click on "Access my Clearances," you will be able to complete the clearance form online. This clearance will be sent to you, via email, after it is cleared (it may take a few days to receive the certification by email); you will then need to print and bring a copy to the school office. 

Affidavit    OR    FBI Fingerprinting 
(There is a fee for both the Affidavit and Fingerprinting)

If you have LIVED IN the state of PA for the past 10 years, you will need to print and fill out the Affidavit form, as well as it will need to be notarized. The PA Affidavit will need to be completed in front of the notary. Your bank may notarize the document for free, however, you can go to any notary public to have it done; the charge should be around $5. 


     *Must be completed through the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION*

If you have lived OUTSIDE of PA within the past 10 years, you will need to "Register Online" then print the receipt (which you will receive upon completing your registration). Take the receipt with you when you go to be fingerprinted.

Direct Link:
Fingerprinting - The State is going through a transition on how to obtain a fingerprint clearance.  Please Look back in December for the link and directions on how to get this clearance.



Please note: Each VOLUNTEER clearance certification is good for 5 years. 


If you have any further questions please contact:

Amy Lakits (
Jane Handwerk (

Phone: 610.776.7301