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Athletic Program Description

Each season, based on interest, various interscholastic sports programs are offered to all Middle School students at Lehigh Christian Academy.  These sports teams will provide abundant and unique opportunities for application of the many Christian principles taught at the school.  Athletics serve as a critical place to instill these biblical principles and integrate God's word into our actions through this application.  Athletics also provide the opportunity to be "in the world" and yet be of Christ and  a testimony to those around us.

The teams will practice 3 to 4 days a week prior to the beginning of league play.  After league play begins, these teams will usually play 2 games a week and practice 1 or 2 days a week.  These games and practices will be Monday to Friday, with an occasional Saturday game.  The school will provide uniforms, as designated by the Athletic Department. At the start of each season, practice and game schedules will be provided. After away games the teams will sometimes stop for dinner and the students will need to provide money for their meals. 

Lehigh Christian Academy embraces a "No Cut Policy".  Simply stated, this means that all students who desire to participate in a sport will be members of a team, regardless of ability or experience.  It is important, however, to understand that being a member of a team does not assure playing time for all members.  It does, rather, assure exposure to the unique opportunities for application of Christian principles, to discover and develop God given talents, to experience/demonstrate teamwork and to glorify Christ with our bodies. There is also the opportunity to demonstrate proper motivation, fellowship, perseverance, sacrifice and sportsmanship.

Student participation on an athletic team is considered to be a privilege and with this privilege comes certain responsibilities. All athletes have been given their talents by the Lord and should strive to develop these talents to serve Him.  Each athlete must remember that spectators, officials and other players get a chance to see the Lord as you play. Because of this you should strive to honor Him in all that you do.

When an athlete becomes a member of a team, individual goals are replaced with team goals. Each player has a vital role on the team from the leading scorer to the substitute that replaces him/her.  Each player needs to seek the Lord to determine their role and then to do their best to honor Him in that role.