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 Philosophy of Interscholastic Athletics at LCA

The Interscholastic Athletic program at Lehigh Christian Academy shall strive to achieve the application and reinforcement of the following scriptural principles:


Teamwork - Romans 12:4-6

Each of us is given different gifts or talents that, when brought together through teamwork, become greater and even more effective for both the athletic team and God's kingdom.  We must learn to recognize and appreciate our own talents as well as the unique gifts and talents of others.

Respect for Authority - Romans 13:1

We are to have a spirit of timidity and respect for those God, in His sovereignty, has placed in authority over us.

Glorification of Christ with our Bodies - Philippians 1:20

God has entrusted us with healthy, strong bodies which we are to use to glorify Christ, as they are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Appropriate Motivation - Col 3:23, 27

Proper motivation in athletics can be a key element to having the proper motivation in life.  Our motivation is not to be for worldly rewards or self-serving achievements.  Rather, we are to work at all things with our heart, as working for the Lord.

Fellowship - Hebrews 10:24-25

As Christians we are to meet together to share our gifts, to uplift and encourage one another. Athletics provides these opportunities.

Perseverance - Hebrews 12:1; Galatians 6:9

We are instructed not to give up when the situation seems hopeless, the struggle gets hard, or when we tire and grow weary.  Instead, we are told to rely upon the Lord and throw off all that hinders. To run the race with perseverance and not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we shall reap the harvest.

Sacrifice - Romans 12:1

Through athletics students learn to be self-sacrificing in much the same way we are called to sacrifice ourselves daily and lay aside our desires to follow Christ.

Sportsmanship - Romans 13:10; Luke 10:27

Through sportsmanship we reflect God's love and let our testimony shine even in difficult situations.  We demonstrate this by showing that our opponent is not our enemy and that we have a bond far greater than that of sports.  Through sportsmanship we demonstrate our common bond and love in Jesus Christ.