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Learning Support

Our Learning Support Center is designed to meet the needs of students who learn differently.  Believing that Christ calls us to encourage "even the least of these", the Learning Support Center (LSC) strives to provide a quality education that is Christ-centered and tailored to the individual needs of each student.  The program is a replacement program where students come to LSC for one-on-one or small group instruction in reading, language arts, writing, and mathematics.  Students are main-streamed for all other subjects with the subject content and testing being adapted to individual student needs.  Study guides for mainstreamed subjects are created by the LSC staff in conjunction with subject teachers to maximize a student's opportunity for success.  Non-academic skills including organizational skills and study strategy skills are also taught. 

Students may participate in the learning support program without a current IEP; however, it is strongly recommended that students undergo thorough psycho-educational testing within three months of entering the program.  This comprehensive testing may be done by the sending school district or by private practitioners and ensures that each strength and weakness of a student is identified and a plan of action developed to support the student. 

Learning Support Teacher:

Mrs. Zackavitch




In consistency with our academic beliefs and firm position on providing a quality education that is Christ-centered, we also offer enrichment programming for our students who have shown gifted characteristics within our accelerated curriculum. This enrichment programming is a pull-out program that works directly with each student's teacher so that we can ensure we are meeting their academic needs and providing challenging materials that coordinate with the curriculum. The students in the enrichment program are challenged with materials that grow and expand their skills through group work and independent projects. Our enrichment program is intended to supplement a students academic success and provide educational opportunities outside of the classroom.

Enrichment Teacher:

Mrs. Van Wert