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Core Values


Academic Excellence

Lehigh Christian Academy will continue to be a school that values academic excellence. We will do this by maintaining both ACSI and Middle States accreditation, providing educational experiences that are tailored to maximize each student’s potential, and by providing culturally relevant educational


Biblical Integration

Lehigh Christian Academy is committed to providing a Christ-centered education that builds a biblical world-view within each student through teachers and teaching.


Christian Family Ministry

Lehigh Christian Academy seeks to partner with parents in the spiritual, social, emotional, and academic areas of a student’s life. We will do this by effective communication between staff and parents, and by providing resources for parents along with service opportunities for students.


Disciplined & Safe Environment

Lehigh Christian Academy follows biblical procedures for discipline in a loving, nurturing, and safe environment.


Exemplary Staff

Lehigh Christian Academy hires Christian teachers who are qualified spiritually, academically, personally, and professionally to instruct the students to live as Christians in our society.


Fervent Prayer

Lehigh Christian Academy emphasizes prayer in every aspect of the school life.